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Symmetry C8

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Reproducibility is a number one priority in Symmetry® columns. These columns are engineered with high purity raw materials, tightly controlled manufacturing processes and column packing procedures that provide you with the best, most reproducible HPLC columns available.

Narrow column specifications help you to achieve reproducible results. The surface coverage requirements of Symmetry Columns are the tightest specifications in the industry, resulting in minimal shifts in resolution and more reproducibility from batch-to-batch and column-to-column.

Symmetry C8 columns feature trifunctionally bonded C8 ligands on a high purity base-deactived silica. Symmetry columns have the tightest column specifications in the industry giving resulting highly reproducible chromatographic results.

Specification Compare to others

Symmetry C8 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase 6000 / 414
Silica/C8 330
4.6 12.0 %
150 45
3.5 Yes

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WATERS SunFire C8 RP Silica/C8 4.6 mm 150 mm 3.5 µm 100 Å No price

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