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Bondapak Phenyl

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If your method calls for µBondapak packings, there is only one µBondapak packing material. Many companies claim to have columns with µBondapak-like selectivity but not one has ever passed Waters stringent QC batch test. Waters set the standard for reproducible, high-performance chromatographic columns. Waters µBondapak columns are still the most widely referenced and requested columns in the world.

µBondapak C18 columns are general purpose, silica-based, reversed-phase C18 columns that are based on 10 µm particle technology. As a starting point for preparative chromatography, no other column can provide the balance between resolution, throughput and cost.

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Bondapak Phenyl 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/Phenyl 330
3.9 8.0 %
300 N/A
10.0 Yes

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Princeton Chromatography Inc. PharmaBOND Phenyl-125 RP Silica/Phenyl 3.9 mm 300 mm 10.0 µm 125 Å No price
Vertical Chromatography VertiSep IRS PH RP Silica/Phenyl 3.9 mm 300 mm 10.0 µm 125 Å No price

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