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Delta-Pak C4

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Delta-Pak packings, ideal for the separation of peptides, proteins, and natural products, are based on a highly stable, bonded, endcapped 5µm or 15µm spherical silica. Delta-Pak is available in two different pore sizes (100Å and 300Å) with either C4 or C18 bonded phase. Delta-Pak packings are available in different cartridge and column configurations, providing consistent and predictable scale-up capabilities for milligram-to-gram scale purification. Also, by having the same chemistry available on a high-efficiency 5µm particle, you can easily check the purity of your fractions.

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Delta-Pak C4 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C4 125
3.9 3.0 %
150 N/A
5.0 Yes

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WATERS Symmetry 300 C4 RP Silica/C4 3.9 mm 150 mm 5.0 µm 300 Å No price
RSTech HECTOR-W C4 RP Silica/C4 3.9 mm 150 mm 5.0 µm 300 Å No price

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