Product code 00H-3127-C0
Overal raiting

Bondclone CN

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Guaranteed Replacement to μBondapak®

  • Highly reproducible
  • Long column life
  • Mimics performance of Waters® μBondapak®
  • Economically priced

Phenomenex Bondclone columns have been developed to provide chromatographic behavior that mimics that of Waters μBondapak columns. Bondclone columns provide excellent column-to-column reproducibility and are available for immediate shipment.

CN phase detail
CN phase that can be used in normal or reversed phase mode and is designed to mimic the performance of µBondapak CN

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Phenomenex 148
Bondclone CN N/A
Normal-Phase N/A
Silica/CN N/A
3.9 N/A
300 N/A
10.0 N/A

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