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Rezex RSO-Oligosaccharide

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Excellent Resolution and Reproducibility

Rezex™ HPLC ion-exclusion columns achieve reproducible, accurate separations based on multiple modes of interaction. Available in 4 % and 8 % cross-linked sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene (SDVB) and multiple ionic forms for a wide range of selectivities. USP L17, L19, L22, L34, and L58 packings available.

Use Rezex for carbohydrate, oligosaccharide, and organic acid separations:

  • bioethanol monitoring
  • drug formulation and excipient analysis
  • food and beverage quality control testing

*Recommended alternative to Bio-Rad® Aminex®, Supelco® SUPELCOGEL™, and Waters® Sugar-Pak™

RSO-Oligosaccharide Ag+ 4% phase detail

  • High resolution of oligosaccharides up to 18 degrees of polymerization (Dp)
  • 4 % cross-linked silver ionic form with a larger effective pore volume

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Phenomenex N/A
Rezex RSO-Oligosaccharide N/A
Ion Exclusion N/A
Sulfonated polymer/ Silver ions N/A
10.0 N/A
60 N/A
12.0 N/A

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