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Yarra SEC-2000 PREP

Coupled with tight particle and pore size distribution as well as strict packing and QC specifications, Yarra SEC/GFC columns allow Biochromatographers to achieve the highest efficiencies and resolution possible for their biomolecule analysis.

Yarra analytical and preparative columns are offered in three phases of different pore sizes (SEC-2000, SEC-3000, and SEC-4000) and are ideal for the separation, characterization, and purification of small to large proteins, as well as biological therapeutics and biosimilars.

Use Yarra SEC-2000 PREP for

  • Biosimilar aggregate applications
  • Peptide therapeutics
  • Small proteins
  • PEGylated peptides and small proteīns

Specification Compare to others

Phenomenex 145
Yarra N/A
Gel Filtration Chromatography N/A
SEC-2000 N/A
21.2 N/A
300 N/A
5.0 N/A

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