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YMC-Pack C4 packings are less hydrophobic and generally require more aqueous buffer than C8 or C18 packings. When compared to C8 or C18 packings using the same eluent, YMC-Pack C4 shows significantly shorter retention times for nonpolar compounds. Retention of polar compounds, however, is not significantly affected. Therefore, mixtures with a wide range of component polarity are best separated by YMC-Pack C4. This is because the butyl bonded phase gives shorter retention times while still maintaining high resolution when compared to longer chain bonded chemistries


  • low hydrophobicity material
  • high coverage monomeric bonding
  • ideally suited for separation of biological materials

YMC-Pack C4 has a lower hydrophobicity than that of both C18 and C8. As a result retention times of samples on YMC-Gel C4 tend to be shorter, making them ideal for faster separations.

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YMC 300
YMC C4 2.0 - 7.5
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C4 100
30.0 3.0 %
100 N/A
10.0 N/A

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