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The porous type of YMC-BioPro shows great absorption capacity and excellent recovery, and is especially suitable for semipreparative separations of proteins and antibodies.
Compared with conventional porous polymer anion-exchange columns, YMC-BioPro QA gives higher DBC and recovery rates. This indicates that YMC-BioPro has a much lower nonspecific adsorption compared to conventional columns.
The high purity silica support and complete bonding coverage of Protein-RP results in very high sample recoveries. This is an important consideration when choosing a column for biochemical analyses. The table below shows recoveries of Proteins and Peptides. YMC-Pack Protein-RP provides higher recoveries than competitive C4 columns.


  • newly developed porous hydrophilic polymer with low nonspecific adsorption
  • excellent binding capacity and recovery of biomolecules
  • very high resolution

Specification Compare to others

YMC 1000
YMC-BioPro SP 2.0 - 12.0
Cation-Exchange N/A
Polymer/ SCX N/A
4.6 N/A
50 N/A
5.0 N/A

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