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Bio-Bond C18

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Features of BioBond™ Columns:

  • Designed to analyze and purify proteins, peptides and biomolecules
  • Available with C18, C8 and C4 bonded phases
  • 1.5-10.0 pH stability for method ruggedness and easy protein removal
  • Efficient method development
  • Direct scale-up to preparative and bulk materials
  • Highly efficient columns with long lifetime due to super-smooth, high mechanical strength silica
  • Excellent column for LC/MS due to low phase bleed and exceptional performance at low buffer concentrations
  • Outstanding reproducibility, efficiency and column lifetimes

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Dikma Technologies Inc. 300
Bio-Bond C18 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase 1500 / 103
Silica/C18 100
50.0 8.0 %
250 N/A
10.0 Yes

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Bonna-Agela Technologies Venusil ASB C18 RP Silica/C18 50 mm 250 mm 10.0 µm 300 Å No price

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