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Leapsil C8

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Leapsil™ Columns:

  • Ultra fast separation without compromising resolution
  • Low operating pressure allows higher flow rates to be used
  • Compatible with all HPLC and ultra high-pressure LC systems
  • Method development flexibility − use MeCN or methanol without the limitations of backpressure and the need for elevated temperatures
  • Faster method development and transfer due to ability of bonded phase to provide maximum resolution of complex mixtures
  • Operate at higher linear velocity on HPLC
  • Wide pH stability
  • Full spectrum of phases and selectivities

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Dikma Technologies Inc. 100
Leapsil C8 1.5 - 10.0
Reversed-Phase 7000 / 483
Silica/C8 440
2.1 17.0 %
150 N/A
2.7 Yes

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