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Acclaim 120 C18

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5 μm particle size, L × I.D. 10 cm × 21.2 mm    

Traditional HPLC columns, similar to Hypersil™
Our SUPELCOSIL silica-based HPLC column line includes over 40 bonded phase chemistries, in a range of particle sizes and column configurations from microbore to preparative scale. It is the original high quality Supelco product line referenced in many USP methods.
In the case of a few SUPLECOSIL phases, we have recommended alternatives based on more advanced column technology.

ABZ+Plus alkylamide

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency for polar, nonpolar, and charged analytes
  • Symmetric peaks for the most reactive compounds
  • Unique selectivity for polar and charged compounds

SUPELCOSIL ABZ+Plus columns offer both high deactivation and unique selectivity. Deactivated silica particles of very narrow particle size distribution ensure high efficiency with low back pressure. After bonding and endcapping reactions, the ABZ+Plus phase effectively shields unreacted silanol groups on the silica, preventing them from interacting with most analytes, and provides symmetric peaks regardless of an analyte′s functionality. The phase also allows you to use low ionic strength buffers without having to add an ion-suppressing modifier. ABZ+Plus enables you to use simple mobile phases when analyzing the most difficult compounds; acids, strongly basic compounds, and zwitterions.
suitable for L60 per USP

Specification Compare to others

Dionex 120
Acclaim 120 C18 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C18 300
4.6 18.0 %
150 60
5.0 Yes

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