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Acclaim PolarAdvantage

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Sulfonamide-Embedded Reversed-Phase Columns for Separating Polar Compounds

Acclaim® Polar Advantage (PA) columns feature a patented bonding chemistry that incorporates a polar sulfonamide group near the surface of the silica particle. This unique chemistry provides good hydrolytic stability and allows a single column to resolve a wide variety of polar and nonpolar analytes. The Acclaim PA is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases and supports LC/MS analysis.

  • Low silanol activity for excellent peak shape with basic compounds
  • Novel polar-embedded column chemistry
  • Compatible with 0–100% organic solvent mobile phases
  • High selectivity for hydrophobic aromatic compounds
  • Wide range of applications

Conventional C18 phases are not compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases, due to dewetting. The Acclaim PA column by design has a mildly hydrophilic surface, which remains in contact with aqueous-only mobile phases, negating the problems of dewetting common with conventional reversed-phase columns.

Acclaim PA columns are available both in 3 and 5 μm particle sizes and 4.6, 3.0, and 2.1 mm diameters, with an average pore diameter of 120 Å. Acclaim PA is also available in 2.2µm RSLC format. Acclaim PA may be used for LC/MS applications. 


The Acclaim PA column can be used in a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, environmental, food testing, and product-quality testing. These columns also give efficient separations with good peak shapes for compounds of life science (nucleic acid and bases) and pharmaceutical interest (sulfonamides) using highly aqueous mobile phases.

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Dionex 120
Acclaim PolarAdvantage 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/ Sulfonamide 300
3.0 17.0 %
250 60
3.0 Yes

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