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Acclaim Carbamate

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The Acclaim Carbamate column is designed for baseline separation of carbamates (N-methylcarbamate and N-methylcarbamoyloxime pesticides) specified in US EPA Method 531.2. Carbamate pesticides are widely used throughout the world. Drinking water and raw surface water is monitored for the presence of carbamate pesticides and related compounds using an established EPA Method 531.2 that uses HPLC with postcolumn derivatization. LC-MS is the method of choice for the ultimate sensitivity.



  • Baseline separation of carbamate pesticides specified in US EPA Method 531.2
  • Use with either LC/postcolumn derivatization/fluorescence or LC/MS detection.
  • Compatible with both binary (methanol/water) and ternary (acetonitrile/methanol/water) mobile phase gradients.
  • High efficiency, extremely low column bleed, and rugged column packing

Acclaim Carbamate columns are available in a variety of column formats: The 5 µm, 4.6 × 250 mm column sets the standard for the highest resolution with postcolumn reaction (PCR) and fluorescence detection (FLD); the 3 µm, 4.6 × 150 mm column saves time and increases sample throughput; the 3 µm, 3.0 × 150 mm column saves time and reduces solvent consumption; and the 3 µm, 2.1 × 150 mm column is for LC/MS, to achieve the lowest possible detection limits. Two RSLC, 2.2 µm columns are available for high-resolution, high-throughput separations:  2.1 × 100 mm and 2.1 × 150 mm.

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Dionex N/A
Acclaim Carbamate 2.5 - 8.0
N/A 6000 / 414
Proprietary alkyl group N/A
3.0 N/A
150 N/A
3.0 N/A

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