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IonSwift MAX-100

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The IonSwift™ MAX-100 anion-exchange column is recommended for the fast analysis of organic acids and inorganic anions in approximately 25 minutes using a hydroxide gradient delivered with an Eluent Generator. The IonSwift MAX-100 is an ideal alternative to the AS11-HC column for most organic acid and inorganic anion applications. For highest resolution and capacity, the AS11-HC column is recommended. The IonSwift MAX-100 column is available in 2 formats: 1.0 × 250 mm microbore and 0.25 × 250 mm capillary formats. These formats offer the advantage of reduced eluent consumption, providing reduced operating costs. High mass sensitivity can be achieved with both formats, providing lower MDLS. 

Fast gradient separation of organic acids and inorganic anions in 25 min.

Ideal alternative for most AS11-HC applications. (For highest resolution and capacity use the AS11-HC column).

Compatible with the Eluent Generator.

High capacity: 12 µeq per column. (1 × 250 mm column).

IonSwift is a new generation of separation media, which is uniquely designed and engineered for the separation of small molecules including organic acids and inorganic anions. The IonSwift MAX-100 is the first of a series of columns developed using monolith technology, and is designed to provide high-speed, high-resolution separations of organic acids and inorganic anions using a hydroxide gradient delivered by an Eluent Generator.

The unique monolith design provides:

  • Fast mass transfer
  • Fast separations
  • High throughput and improved productivity
  • Outstanding reproducibility

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Dionex N/A
IonSwift MAX-100 0.0 - 14.0
Anion-Exchange 3000 / 207
Quaternary ammonium N/A
0.3 N/A
250 N/A
Monolithic N/A

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