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IonPac AS16

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The IonPac® AS16 column is ideally suited for trace perchlorate in drinking water in accordance with US EPA Methods 314.0 and 314.1 (Primary Method). The AS16 column simplifies the determination of polarizable anions, including thiosulfate, iodide, thiocyanate, and perchlorate using an isocratic hydroxide eluent.

  • Separate hydrophobic anions (iodide, thiocyanate, and thiosulfate) in less than 20 min
  • Can be used for trace perchlorate in drinking water matrices
  • Ideal for polyvalent anions, including polyphosphates and polycarboxylates
  • Ultralow hydrophobicity allows fast analysis of polarizable anions

The AS16 is a high-capacity, hydroxide-selective column for the determination of polarizable anions in a variety of sample matrices. Trace concentrations of perchlorate in drinking water, surface water, and groundwater matrices can easily be determined using a large-loop injection.


Note: Also see the IonPac AS20, with complementary selectivity for confirmation of perchlorate identification when using EPA Method 314.1

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Dionex 2000
IonPac AS16 0.0 - 14.0
Anion-Exchange 4000 / 276
Quaternary ammonium N/A
4.0 N/A
250 N/A
9.0 N/A

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