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IonPac AS11-HC

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Complex sample matrices such as chemical wastewater effluents and fermentation broth solutions contain a variety of inorganic anions and organic acids. The IonPac® AS11-HC was specifically designed to resolve a large number of inorganic anions and organic acid anions in a single run using a hydroxide gradient.

  • Use for organic acids and anions in complex sample matrices or uncharacterized samples.
  • Recommended for monovalent and divalent organic acids.
  • Use the AS11 for fast analysis of organic acids and anions in well-characterized samples.
  • Use the ICE-AS1 or ICE-AS6 columns for organic acids in high-ionic-strength samples.
  • High capacity translates into longer retention times, but with higher resolution.

The high-capacity AS11-HC column allows the injection of more concentrated samples without column overloading or peak broadening, and provides improved separation over the AS11 column for monovalent carboxylic acids, including quinate, lactate, acetate, propionate, formate, and butyrate.

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Dionex 2000
IonPac AS11-HC 0.0 - 14.0
Anion-Exchange 4000 / 276
Quaternary ammonium N/A
4.0 N/A
250 N/A
9.0 N/A

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