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MAbPac SEC-1

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MAbPac™ SEC-1 is a size exclusion chromatography (SEC) column designed for monoclonal antibody (MAb) analysis, including monomers, aggregates, and fragments, under non-denaturing conditions, and in both high- and low-salt mobile phases and volatile eluents.

• Proprietary hydrophilic bonded layer results in minimal non-desired interactions between the biomolecules and the stationary phase.

• Nonmetallic and Biocompatible PEEK™ housing eliminates metal contamination from the column hardware.

• Stable surface bonding leads to low column bleed and compatibility with MS, ELSD and Corona® CAD detection.

• Rugged, reproducible column.

• Superior performance for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies, even at low salt concentrations.

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Dionex 300
MAbPac SEC-1 2.2 - 7.5
Size Exclusion 1800 / 124
Proprietary diol N/A
4.0 N/A
300 N/A
5.0 N/A

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