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The ProPac® IMAC-10 is an analytical HPLC column packed with 10 µm, nonporous, polymeric beads that are coated with a hydrophilic layer, then grafted with poly(IDA) chains. The poly(IDA) grafts are converted to metal-containing nanoparticles when the column is charged with metal. It is these nanoparticles that act as IMAC interaction sites for individual proteins and provide the ProPac IMAC-10 with its high resolving power.

  • State-of-the-art technology for reusable columns with metal tailored specificity
  • Resolve target proteins using a single column in a high resolution gradient run
  • Retention control by imidazole concentration or pH gradient
  • High purity separations of metal-binding proteins
  • Wide range of metal-specific applications 

The ProPac IMAC-10 design maximizes the number of sterically accessible ligands for binding to proteins, ensuring that the proteins remain tightly bound during separation. It can be operated between pH 2–12 and is compatible with commonly used protein purification reagents (non-ionic detergents, reducing agents). It can be used under native or denaturing HPLC conditions 

The ProPac IMAC-10 is shipped free from any metal and ready to be charged with the metal of your choice. To avoid contact of the metal solution with your system, charge the IMAC-10 with a loading column (an empty column body you fill with your metal solution, then place between the pump and the IMAC-10 column).

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Dionex Non-Porous
ProPac IMAC 2.0 - 12.0
IMAC 3000 / 207
Polystyrene/ Divinylbenzene N/A
9.0 N/A
50 60
10.0 N/A

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