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ProSwift SAX-1S

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The ProSwift SCX monolith column line has been expanded to include a new 1 x 50 mm column. As with all ProSwift monoliths, the fast mass transfer allows for fast protein separations. ProSwift monoliths offer excellent separations using fast gradients at low and high flow rates, which improve productivity.

ProSwift Monolith Ion Exchange columns are the column of choice for fast separations with high resolution for protein separation and purification, delivering higher resolution than porous bead-based columns while providing high capacity. ProSwift IEX monoliths provide the outstanding resolving power of nonporous analytical media combined with fast separation performance and exhibit reproducibility even after hundreds of runs.

Features of the ProSwift IEX monoliths:

  • High resolution
  • High loading capacity
  • Fast separations
  • Wide range of operational flow rates
  • Excellent stability over a wide pH range
  • Outstanding reproducibility and ruggedness
  • Optimal performance in a broad variety of applications
  • High throughput and improved productivity

ProSwift polymer monolith media are uniquely suited for separation of proteins. Each monolith is a single cylindrical, sponge-like polymer rod containing an uninterrupted, interconnected network of flow-through channels of a specific pore size. These large channels combined with the monolith’s nonporous surfaces result in fast mass-transfer, high-resolution, and fast protein separations. The unique globular morphology of the polymer medium provides its high capacity.

Specification Compare to others

Dionex N/A
ProSwift SAX-1S 2.0 - 12.0
Anion-Exchange 1200 / 83
Polymethacrylate/ Quaternary amine N/A
4.6 N/A
50 70
Monolithic N/A

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