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The DNASwift™ SAX-1S is a strong anion-exchange column that provides exceptionally high resolution for the purification of oligonucleotides. The exceptionally high resolution provides superior purity and yields compared to other ion-exchange or reversed-phase columns available. The DNASwift column is ideal for therapeutic and diagnostic research, which have very high purity and yield oligonucleotides purification requirements.

  • Highest resolution for oligonucleotide purification available, providing high purity and yields.
  • Exceptionally high capacity provides exceptionally high yields with high purity.
  • Refined selectivity, as with the DNAPac® column, for high resolution
  • Compatible with high pH, solvents, and high temperatures.

The DNASwift monolith column is specifically designed to provide exceptionally high resolution, laboratory-scale purification of oligonucleotides by anion-exchange chromatography. The use of oligonucleotides in therapeutic and diagnostic research is rapidly expanding. Oligonucleotides for these areas of research must be of the highest purity. DNASwift monolith columns provide high resolution and capacity, resulting in superior purity and yield compared to other ion-exchange and revered-phase columns available.

The DNASwift column is a unique porous polymer monolith specifically designed for superior performance in oligonucleotide purification. The column is a pressure and chemically stable monolith support coated with functionalized latex nanobeads. These latex nanobeads, beads with strong anion-exchange functional groups, optimized for oligonucleotide separations, are similar to those of the industry leading DNAPac columns. Similarly, the nanobeads contribute to the DNASwift column's exceptionally high resolution and selectivity control. The monolith, a polymer cylinder with interconnected flow through channels, provides fast mass transfer which contributes to the exceptionally high resolution of the DNASwift column. The porous monolith also offers low back pressure, allowing increased flow rates with minimal loss of resolution. The combination of functionalized latex nanobeads and monolith technology results in the DNASwift column having very high capacity, exceptionally high resolution, and refined selectivity control, which results in superior purity and yield of full length oligonucleotide products purified from crude oligonucleotide samples. This makes the DNASwift column ideal for oligonucleotide, therapeutic, and diagnostic research. Additionally, it provides DNASwift columns with the capability to successfully purify difficult oligonucleotide products.

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Dionex N/A
DNASwift SAX-1S 6.0 - 12.4
Anion-Exchange 1500 / 103
Polymethacrylate/ Quaternary amine N/A
5.0 N/A
150 85

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