Product code CL0P3
Overal raiting

Cadenza CL-C18

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Due to its partial endcapping, the Cadenza CL-C18 opens a new world of separation possibilities. Almost all recent ODS columns have complete endcapping. However, complete endcapping makes some separations impossible. Conversely, ODS columns without any endcaping provide poor elution characteristics due to the influence of silanol. Our new Cadenza CL-C18 with partial endcpping uniquely optimizes the remaining silanol.
The difference between Cadenzas CL-C18 and CD-C18 is that CL-C18 has more silanol remaining on the material surface.

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Imtakt 120
Cadenza CL-C18 2.0 - 7.0
Reversed-Phase 2176 / 150
Silica/C18 300
10.0 N/A
75 65
3.0 Yes

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Imtakt Cadenza CD-C18 RP Silica/C18 10 mm 75 mm 3.0 µm 120 Å No price

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