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NUCLEODUR® high purity silica phases for HPLC


NUCLEODUR® is a fully synthetical type B silica (silica of 3rd generation) offering highly advanced physical properties:

  • totally spherical particle shape
  • outstanding surface microstructure
  • high pressure stability
  • low metal content

NUCLEODUR® as a state-of-the-art silica is the ideal base material for modern HPLC phases. It is the result of MACHEREY-NAGEL's pioneering research in chromatography for almost 50 years.
NUCLEODUR® with 1.8 µm particle size for increased separation efficiency

NUCLEODUR® PolarTec  - High purity silica phase for HPLC
Octadecyl phase with embedded polar group
endcapped · 17 % C · USP L1 / L60

 Key features:

  • Hydrophobic phase with pronounced hydrophilic properties
  • Separation mechanism based on hydrophobic (van der Waals) and polar interactions
  • Suitable for LC/MS due to low bleeding characteristics

Technical characteristics:
Phase with embedded polar group; suitable for 100 % aqueous eluents; endcapped; pore size 110 Å; particle sizes 3 µm and 5 µm;
carbon content 17 %; pH stability 1–9
 Recommended application:
Polar compounds like basic pharmaceuticals, organic acids, pesticides, amino acids, water soluble vitamins, etc.

Specification Compare to others

Reversed-Phase 8700 / 600
Silica/C18 340
4.6 17.0 %
250 60
5.0 Yes

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