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Scherzo SM-C18

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Imtakt has developed a revolutionary multi-mode ODS column.

Many biomaterials / metabolites are ionic and cannot be retained on conventional ODS columns. Recent solutions for this issue have the following limitations:
* Ion-pairing RP chromatography is not compatible with LC-MS
* Aqueous NP (HILIC) fails to separate polar & non-polar compounds
Scherzo SM-C18 can solve many of these problems. SM-C18 contains ODS+cation+anion ligands and can be used to separate highly polar compounds. Unlike other mixed-mode RP columns, Scherzo SM-C18 contains ODS ligands, and shows similar behavior to conventional ODS columns for non-ionic compounds. In addition, the IEX ligands on SM-C18 are highly polar and provide normal phase mode. This allows for both RP + NP separation mode. This next generation (multi-mode) ODS column expands the separation possibilities for the ODS phase.

Specification Compare to others

Imtakt 130
Scherzo SM-C18 1.5 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase+AX+CX 3626 / 250
Silica/C18+WAX+WCX 300
10.0 N/A
150 65
3.0 Yes

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