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Hitachi LaChromUltra C18

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High Speed Analysis and Superior Resolution at Significantly Lower Pressures than Sub-2μm Columns

High speed liquid chromatography performance is a balance between many factors including particle size, system pressure and column chemistry. LaChromUltra 2μm particle size columns offer the permeability and performance to achieve ultra fast analyses with excellent chromatographic resolution but at much lower pressures than other sub-2μm particle size columns. In addition, the stable end capping make LaChromUltra columns the ideal choice for a broad range of applications.


  • Uses a 2-μm particle size column developed specially for ultra high-speed liquid chromatographs
  • Excellent processing of the end capping make LaChromUltra columns and well-balanced seperation
  • Achieve lowered pressure loss and high-speed high-seperation analysis using Sub-2μm columns

Specification Compare to others

Hitachi High-Technologies 120
Hitachi LaChromUltra C18 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase 9000 / 621
N/A 330
2.0 16.0 %
75 50
2.0 Yes

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