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TCI Chiral BP-S 3μm

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Chiral Columns "TCI Chiral"

*An unique new stationary phase design 
Polymaleimide spiral and chiral side group coated on Silicagel
*Suitable for the separation of a wide range of substrates
Carbonyl (Ketones, Esters, Carboxylic acids, N-Protected Amino acid), Alcohols and others
*Performance of both normal and reversed phase
*Superior column longevity
Maximum pressure:2900psi(20MPa)
*High throughput analysis
*Capable of highly-loaded
*Affordable price
* Compared with MB-S, the BP-S column gives narrower peaks in many cases.
* Retention Power
* Suitable for moderate polarity compounds.
Analytes: Carbonyl (Ketones, Esters, Lactones, Carboxylic acids, Amides, Lactams),mono-Alcohols, Diols, Ethers, Epoxides, Sulfoxides
Retention Power: MB-S>BP-S>CH-S

Specification Compare to others

Tokyo Chemical Industry N/A
TCI Chiral BP-S 3μm 2.5 - 7.5
Chiral N/A
Silica/ Polymaleimide N/A
4.6 N/A
150 N/A
3.0 N/A

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