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Cadenza 5CD-C18

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Cadenza CD-C18 offers lower back pressure for a 3µm packing material.
Cadenza CD-C18 is an authority on high throughput. Cadenza yields results equal or better quality than our competitors, but without shorter column length. This result in three major benifits: shorter analyses time, less solvent use, and more efficient methods development process. 
Cadenza CD-C18 provides twice the efficiency of equivalently sized columns. Cadenza CD-C18 demonstrates impressive plate numbers and exceptionally high recognition of molecules in the stationary phase. 

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Imtakt 120
Cadenza 5CD-C18 1.5 - 9.0
Reversed-Phase 3626 / 250
Silica/C18 300
2.0 N/A
250 65
5.0 Yes

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