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ODS-AM is produced in large lots using ultra pure YMC silica as a base material and a multi stage synthesis process. For the derivatisation, monomeric bonding chemistry is applied followed by an extensive endcapping process to reduce the silanol activity.

The resulting ODS-AM packing is extensively tested to ensure compliance with specifications set for very low variations in physico-chemical properties.



  • high end analytical C18
  • tightly specified
  • long term reproducibility
  • for method validation
  • for method registration

The recommended pH range of using YMC-Pack ODS-AM columns is 2-7,5. Flush acid and buffer salts before storage. Store the column in methanol / water = 70/30.

If columns are affected by undesired contaminants and back pressure increases, flush the column with THF. Clogged inlet frits can be cleaned by changing the flow direction or replacement.

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YMC 120
YMC-Pack ODS-AM 2.0 - 7.5
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C18 330
0.5 17.0 %
50 N/A
5.0 Yes

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