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YMC-UltraHT ProC18

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Since the introduction of the ProFamily series of phases, YMC-Pack Pro C18 has proved to be one of the fi rst choices for a wide range of HPLC applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and production, where effi ciency and reliability are a major demand. YMC has transferred these outstanding qualities to Ultra Fast LC with the introduction of YMC-UltraHT Pro C18.



  • YMC Pack ProFamily chemistries, based on ultra high purity silica, provide excellent resolution for a wide range of analytes
  • YMC-UltraHT LC Columns provide considerable time saving without resort to ultra high pressures
  • YMC-UltraHT LC Columns achieve ultra fast separations even with conventional HPLC equipment
  • Fully up- and down-scalable selectivity

Specification Compare to others

YMC 120
YMC-UltraHT ProC18 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C18 340
3.0 16.0 %
50 N/A
2.0 Yes

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