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YMC-Pack Cyano

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In reversed phase mode, cyano (nitrile) phases are the most polar and least retentive of all reversed phase packings. Extremely hydrophobic compounds, which do not elute on standard C18 and C8 packings with typical reversed phase eluents, can be separated using cyano phases. Both reversed and normal phase separations can be carried out on this material.

  • for both normal and reversed phase applications
  • silica gel chemically bound with cyanopropyl groups
  • faster column equilibration than normal silica gel
  • most polar reversed phase column

The unique cyano chemistry of YMC-Pack Cyano provides a different selectivity from both phenyl and standard aliphatic (C18, C8 or C4) reversed phase packings.
Cyano packings also provide an alternative to silica material in normal phase chromatography, where bonded normal phase packings have the advantage of faster equilibration, more uniform surface activity and increased resistance to dissolution.
To extend column lifetime continued switching between normal and reversed phase solvents should be avoided.

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YMC 300
YMC-Pack Cyano 2.0 - 7.5
Normal-Phase/Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/CN 100
30.0 2.5 %
50 N/A
5.0 N/A

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