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YMC-Pack Chiral NEA (R)

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Normal Phase:
YMC Chiral NEA consists of polymeric 1-naphthylethylamine bonded to a wide pore spherical silica. The R and S columns differ in the optical rotation of the CSP; the R column being formed from R-(+)1- naphthylethylamine and the S column from S-(-)1-naphthylethylamine. This results in the two column types having the effect of reversing the elution order of enantiomeric pairs of compounds.

Reversed Phase:
YMC-Chiral NEA columns are as well suitable for reversed phase separation of polar, water soluble compounds particularly pharmaceutical compounds.


  • normal and reversed phase mode
  • reversal of elution order
  • nonpolar to medium polar compounds
  • available in bulk quantities

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YMC 300
YMC-Pack Chiral NEA (R) 2.0 - 6.5
Chiral N/A
Silica/ 1-naphthylethylamine proprietary
4.6 proprietary %
250 N/A
5.0 N/A

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