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YMC Chiral Prep CD ST

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YMC Chiral Prep CD is a cyclic malto-oligosaccharide, consisting of seven a-D-glucopyranose units linked through a-(1,4)-linkages (b-cyclodextrin), covalently bonded to YMC's high-purity silica gel.


 YMC Chiral Prep CD is available in two versions with different selectivities: The unmodified standard (ST) version is suitable for reversed phase applications whilst the phenyl modified (PM) version can be used under both normal and reversed phase conditions.

  •  for normal phase and reversed phase modes
  •  good mechanical and chemical stability
  •  excellent solvent resistance
  •  high loadability
  •  very competitive pricing due to large-scale production capabilities

 The unique characteristics of b-cyclodextrin provide excellent stereospecific selectivity for the separation of enantiomers (mirror-image or optical isomers). The active chiral moiety, b-cyclodextrin, has a toroidal structure with a hydrophobic cavity formed with the glucoside oxygens and carbon backbones of the sugar residues, while a hydrophilic surface is formed with the primary and secondary hydroxy groups.

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YMC 120
YMC Chiral Prep CD ST 2.0 - 7.0
Chiral N/A
Silica/ Cyclodextrin proprietary
4.6 proprietary %
250 N/A
11.0 N/A

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