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Acclaim 120 C8

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Acclaim® 120 C8 reversed-phase columns feature a densely-bonded monolayer of octyldimethylsiloxane on a highly pure, spherical silica substrate with a 120 Å pore structure. The columns are a well-characterized line of LC/MS-compatible C8 phases with very high surface coverage and very low metal content. These columns provide exceptional performance for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and life sciences.

  • Ultrapure silica with high-density bonding for symmetrical peak shapes
  • High hydrophobicity, low polarity phases for predictable reversed-phase separations

Acclaim 120 C8 column have high surface coverage, resulting in high-capacity columns.  They are stable between pH 2 and 8 and are available in 3 and 5µm particle sizes, and 4.6, 3.0, and 2.1 mm-diameters, with an average pore diameter of 120Å. Acclaim 120 C8 is also available in 2.2µm RSLC format. All phases are LC/MS compatible because of the low silica bleed that results from the stable bonding procedure.

Specification Compare to others

Dionex 120
Acclaim 120 C8 2.0 - 8.0
Reversed-Phase N/A
Silica/C8 300
1.0 11.2 %
50 60
5.0 Yes

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Vendor Brand Mode Modif. Int. diam. Lenght Particles Pores   Price, EUR
YMC YMC-Pack C8 RP Silica/C8 1 mm 50 mm 5.0 µm 120 Å No price
YMC YMC-Pack ProC8 RP Silica/C8 1 mm 50 mm 5.0 µm 120 Å No price
SGE Analytical Science ProteCol C8 H (Stainless Steel) RP Silica/C8 1 mm 50 mm 5.0 µm 120 Å No price
Higgins Analytical CLIPEUS C8 RP Silica/C8 1 mm 50 mm 5.0 µm 120 Å No price

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